Managing Your Luxury Property In Turkey

We can manage your luxury property in Turkey for you while you’re not in Turkey for a percentage fee of the property price. The fees for the property whether it is in a complex or stand-alone villa will differ.

Periodic Cleaning 

  • Swimming pool maintenance - cleaning and putting chemicals in 
  • Taking care of the garden 
  • Onsite caretaker - to stay at the house while you away and take care of the house, cook and clean. This is mostly suited to villas and mansions where they have maids section and onsite caretaker who will look after your luxury home in Turkey.

Letting Your luxury Property In Turkey

We can find suitable tenants to rent your luxury home in Turkey on a monthly or yearly basis. We will advertise your luxury property in Turkey on various letting portals, organise before and after cleaning and transfer the rent payments to your account.